Pool Acid Washing:

Pool Cleaning Service Packages

Lifetime Pool & Patio Company is your local pool cleaning and maintenance company. We are residential and commercial swimming pool cleaning experts. We offer one-time pool cleaning service, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services, with several pool cleaning packages to fit your needs and budget. 

      Our pool cleaning technicians are trained to perform regular pool cleaning and maintenance, and also to inspect your pool equipment to make sure everything is working properly. Thus ensuring that if you ever have a problem with your pool equipment, we can catch it early and avoid causing additional problems. All of our technicians are background checked, and will be wearing a uniform and identification badge when they arrive at your house. 

If your pool is extremely dirty, moldy, or green, you may need to have it acid washed. Call to schedule an appointment for one of our representatives to come out and look at your pool. We can tell you if it needs to be acid washed, or if possible, we can recommend other options to get your pool looking great again. 

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Other Pool Cleaning Services

With our basic package, you purchase and store your own pool chemicals, and we provide the expertise and service. This package includes:

  • Backwashing the Filter
  • Analyze the water (pH, alkalinity, chlorine, salt, calcium, acidity, bromine, etc)
  • Add/Balance Chemicals
  • Basic Inspection of Pool Equipment

The Lifetime Signature Package

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Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services


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One-Time Pool Cleaning:

We offer one time pool cleaning services to get your pool looking its best. Call today, or use the form above to request a free one time pool cleaning quote. 

The Lifetime Standard Package

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Our Lifetime Signature pool cleaning package is the best value, and an all inclusive package. Great for homeowners who simply want to enjoy their pool without having to worry about maintenance. This package includes everything listed in the standard package, plus:

  • Thorough debris removal
  • Vacuuming Pool & Spa
  • Brushing Walls, Tiles & Steps
  • Detailed Printout of water analysis

The Lifetime Basic Package​​

With our standard package, we provide and store the chemicals for your pool, saving you the hassle. Our standard package also includes:

  • Emptying Skimmer Baskets and Filter Baskets
  • Backwashing the Filter
  • Analyzing the Water (pH, alkalinity, chlorine, salt, calcium, acidity, bromine, etc.)
  • Add/ Balance Chemicals
  • ​Basic Debris Removal
  • Thorough Inspection of Pool Equipment

Your Local Pool Cleaning Company

Lifetime Pool & Patio Company offers pool cleaning services to fit your needs! Call today for more information or to schedule your free pool cleaning estimate!